The Vertitude Santa Rosa is founded by Sergia Louise Anderson, the 2013 US National Pole Champion. Following years of performing, competing, and teaching in dance styles: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Salsa, and Latin Ballroom, she settled in Los Angeles where she fell in love with the art & sport of pole dance and it's many styles and facets.  She founded the world renown training center, The Vertitude Los Angeles, in 2011.  Today Sergia spends her time traveling the world teaching pole dance and movement throughout Europe, Asia, and the US.  She has recently decided to plant her roots in her hometown, Santa Rosa to open a second Vertitude location and is passionate about bringing movement to EVERY BODY.  Sergia is a certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor through Tone: Pilates/Dance/Yoga, holds Pole Dance Certifications form ElevatED and Crunch Fitness, a BFA in Theatre from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University and is a forever seeker of movement, learning, exploration, and EXPANSION.